Pedestrians need safer streets.

8 Dec, 2019 | City | 0 comments

According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, the number of deaths involving pedestrians in the US has risen by 4%. This could be related to the outdated design of our streets for everyday needs. More people are leaving their cars at home and choosing to travel by bike or just on foot every day, but the streets are not designed for their most vulnerable inhabitants – in this case pedestrians.

Every time a city faces this kind of problem, it tries to design a solution that might work. In this case, as stated by Streetsblog, there are many ways in which safety for pedestrians could be improved in our streets, such as:

  • Installing traffic signals at crosswalks, indicating a pedestrian area.
  • Raised crosswalks to make drivers stop when they are approaching a pedestrian crossing.
  • Creating refuge islands, which offer safety to pedestrians when crossing a road, because as NACTO says “they reduce the exposure time experienced by a pedestrian at the intersection”. In the same way they make drivers reduce speed because these constructions are perceived as an obstacle in the middle of the road.


Creation of refuge island using the Vectorial® system.

ZICLA refuge island Pedestrians need safer streets. 1ZICLA has offered the Barcelona City Council a configuration of the Vectorial® system in order to create a refuge island in Carrer Bilbao (Barcelona) in a fast, effective way. This street has big traffic flows of motorized and non-motorized vehicles because it is one of the streets connecting the two main roads of Barcelona: Avinguda Diagonal and the Litoral beltway. It is also near the seafront and many pedestrians walk along this street too.

So, the installation of the refuge island, created using our the Vectorial® system, has guaranteed safety for all road users. The flexibility of the product also makes it possible to integrate other urban mobility materials, such as traffic lights.


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