An inclusive approach to urban mobility to achieve healthy cities.

8 Dec, 2019 | City | 0 comments

The Healthy Streets Approach, developed by Lucy Saunders, is one of the primary references for our work at ZICLA. We believe that urban mobility should be accessible and inclusive, creating welcoming places for everyone.

The current situation shows that in most cities motor vehicles are still significantly pre-eminent. Air and noise pollution caused by this situation harms the health of all citizens and creates stressful environments.

We believe that walking, cycling, and public transport are the best ways of achieving a comprehensive urban mobility system. A human-centered approach to urban mobility is essential. An inclusive strategy can deal with the main problems we face nowadays, such as the climate crisis or increasing inequality.

The lack of accessible and inclusive public spaces is one of the reasons why citizens refuse to change their mobility habits. People need clean, safe, welcoming streets to walk and cycle in the best possible conditions.

Cities need to address these circumstances and put people’s health and well-being at the center of their urban planning.


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