Cycling Infrastructure and Customized Bike Lanes: the Zipper® system or the Zebra Family®?

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The investing in urban mobility and cycling infrastructure are key sectors for the 27 European Union member countries to achieve the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030. Promoting active mobility is the challenge many cities face in mitigating the climate crisis, partly due to the challenges generated by the increasing population concentration in large cities. Policies encouraging a more sustainable urban mobility transition have grown significantly in many countries, and several measures have been implemented to reduce the use of private combustion motor vehicles.

For example:

  • Extending the bicycle infrastructureBuilding more kilometers of cycle lanes.
  • Designing protected bike lanes with physical barriers separating them from other traffic to make them safer.
  • Improving accessibility in public transit.
  • Promoting bicycle’s use to encourage a more active and healthier lifestyle.

These measures have created new challenges when sharing the available street space, allowing bicycles and other PMVs (Personal Mobility Vehicles) to coexist in the same space during commutes.

Designing of cycling infrastructure: the Zipper® system or the Zebra Family®?

Designing a bicycle infrastructure that is safe, well-connected, and coherent is a significant challenge for cities. Each street has specific characteristics, and the design of the cycling infrastructure must adapt to them. Our innovative solutions, such as the Zipper® system and the Zebra Family®, are not only adaptable but also allow for rapid implementation, ensuring minimal disruption to motorized traffic while achieving the cities’ needs.

The Zebra Family®: Innovative Solution for cycling Infrastructure.

The Zebra Family® is specifically designed to enhance the safety of cycling infrastructure and protect all bike lane users. It also easily adapts to each project’s specific needs.

Bicycle infraestructure
Miami-Dade Bike Lane, USA. Source: ZICLA.

Safe Cycling Infrastructure: Advantages of the Zebra Family®

The products in the Zebra Family® are characterized by:

  1. Safety: They are designed to improve citizens’ safety on the streets, incorporating six retro-reflective bands that improve day and night visibility.
  2. Durability: They are made from recycled plastic, a high-quality and resistant material that ensures a long lifespan for the products.
  3. Quick Installation: They can be installed quickly. The anchoring system allows for a fast and easy installation of the Zebra Family® separators, reducing construction times and minimizing inconvenience for users and traffic.

The Zipper® system: Adaptable Traffic Safety Solution.

The Zipper® system is an ideal solution that allows the rapid transformation of the street through the construction of cycle lanes and roundabouts, widening sidewalks, and narrowing streets at intersections.

It is composed of recycled plastic modules installed through a quick and straightforward anchoring system.

cycling infrastructure
Daytona Beach Bike Lane, USA. Source: ZICLA.

Cycling Infrastructure: Advantages of the Zipper® system.

The Zipper® system modules are characterized by:

  1. Adaptability: They can adapt to different cities’ needs. From urban cycle lanes to interurban routes, the Zipper® system fits any design and configuration.
  2. Quick Installation: Thanks to its modular design and the anchoring system, building a bike lane with the Zipper® system is quick and easy, reducing construction times and minimizing userstreet users’ inconveniences.
  3. Environmental Sustainability: The Zipper® system modules are made from recycled plastic, contributing to the product’s carbon footprint improvement.

Which Cycle Lane Separator to Use?

The use of the Zipper® system modules or the Zebra Family® separators will depend on the project’s specific needs and the street’s characteristics. At ZICLA, we provide our clients with expertise in designing the bike lane that best suits the street’s characteristics and selecting the most convenient separator. To ensure the  long-term success, we offer comprehensive support from the beginning to the end of the project.

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