France takes on the Vectorial® bus platform from ZICLA®.

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CEREMA certifica Zicla


Since 2014 the Technical Board of Territories and Cities CEREMA has included the Vectorial® Bus Platform as an improvement in accessibility for the buses in its report “Réussir 2015” declaring it as one of the two recommended platforms, the installation of these platforms has been spreading throughout France.


CEREMA is a public institution under the Ministry of Sustainable Development in France specialized in the environment, planning, and sustainability.

The stated advantages of the Vectorial® bus platform.

ZICLA bus platform France takes on the Vectorial® bus platform from ZICLA®. 2The stated advantages of the Vectorial® bus platform according their report highlights the following:

  • It is an easy and quick assembly and disassembly system. It does not require the use of breakdown trucks or special tools because the parts that make up the platform are lightweight.
  • The platforms have a high impact resistance.
  • The anchoring system makes it easy to adapt to uneven terrain.
  • As a modular system, it is easy to replace damaged parts.
  • The respect for the environment when designing the platform and the elements that make it up: the pieces are recycled and recyclable plastic.
  • It requires very little maintenance and has a great outdoor elements resistance.


Vectorial® bus platforms in France.

ZICLA bus platform France takes on the Vectorial® bus platform from ZICLA®. 4

Among the French cities that have opted for the Vectorial® bus platform of ZICLA are the Stromurg, the Crouzielle, Clermont Ferrant or Saint-Brieuc. These platforms have met different objectives; while the La Crouzielle showed how it can adapt to the rural environment, the Grenoble facility was used for the internal transport of the personnel in an industrial plant. The adaptability of the platform can also be seen in the installation of Saint-Brieuc, wherean L-shaped platform was chosen to improve accessibility.
Vectorial® modular platforms have not been the first product to conquer France; since 2010 ZICLA entered the French market thanks to the Zebra® bike lane separators also made from recycled plastic.



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