ZICLA will be present at the FUB 2017 Congress in which the Zipper® system will be presented.

20 Apr, 2017 | NEWS | 0 comments

170420 Zipper zebra voie cyclable plastique recycleFrom April 28th  to 30th  will be held in Nantes the annual Congress of the FUB (French Federation of Bicycle Users). The FUB is an association that works to provide practical solutions to the daily concerns of cyclists and to promote the use of cycling as the everyday way of commuting.

During the Congress, technicians, experts, researchers, leaders, and activists will share their views and experiences about this particular topic “Bicycle models and transform the city”.

The FUB 2017 Congress will be the occasion to officially present in France the Zipper® system as the new modular element created by Zicla to separate traffic.


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