Safer streets for children: the Superblock model of Barcelona.

21 Dec, 2019 | City | 0 comments

Have you ever heard about “Superblocks” or how is Barcelona taking city streets back from cars? “Super block” is an urban design concept aiming to minimize the presence of cars in city centers.

How to respond to the city’s scarcity of green spaces, pollution, noise and traffic accident.

Superblocks are being introduced with the aim of responding to the city’s scarcity of green spaces, its high levels of pollution, environmental noise and traffic accident rates.

ZICLA super blocks Safer streets for children: the Superblock model of Barcelona. 1It consists on taking 9 square city blocks and closing off the inside to thorough traffic. So the activity inside and around this bigger block could be the following:

  • Buses, big freight trucks- or any vehicles that are trying to get from one part of town to the next- have to drive around the perimeter.
  • Inside the superblock, the speed limit is kept to 10 kilometers per hour- and curbside parking it replaced by underground parking. You wind up with streets-cape for markets, outdoor games, and events.
  • Kind of a pleasant streets-cape, where people can walk around and mingle and do things without having to pay attention to cars.


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