City of Charlotte, NC, installation of Vectorial® system.

24 Nov, 2019 | City | 0 comments

The city of Charlotte, NC, is the latest addition to the list of US cities that have installed the Vectorial® system bus boarder. The project consists of the installation of two floating bus boarders with integrated bike lanes along 4th Street, one of the busiest streets of Downtown.

Charlotte DOT (CDOT) has implemented bike infrastructure improvements along 4th St, which include two floating bus boarders. Floating bus boarders are raised platforms that allow buses to pick up passengers without pulling out of traffic lanes. This allows transit vehicles to stay in their own lane without jumping in front of cyclists, which gives cyclists added protection from vehicular traffic at the bus stop. This requires cyclists to yield to pedestrians boarding the bus. At the same time, pedestrian access to buses is improved thanks to the level boarding.

The interactions between bicycles and buses traveling in the same direction are among the greatest challenges for transport planners. The Vectorial® system allows for the creation of a floating bus boarder. In this configuration, the bus stops at a raised boarding area, while the bike lane flows through the side of the platform.

Vectorial® system.

ZICLA Vectorial system City of Charlotte, NC, installation of Vectorial® system. 1Thanks to the modular and quick-build properties of the Vectorial® system, the city of Charlotte has been able to address the challenge posed by the coexistence of these two modes of transport, guaranteeing the accessibility of both the bus and bike infrastructure, guaranteeing the safety of pedestrians.

If you would like to see the Vectorial® system bus boarders in action, check the video shared by CDOT on Twitter


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