More and safer bike lanes mean more cyclists.

26 Aug, 2019 | City | 0 comments

Nowadays there is a widespread consensus on the importance of a transition towards more sustainable means of transport such as the bicycle. That is why many big cities are investing in different projects and initiatives to promote the use of the bike.

It has been proven that to encourage people to use the bicycle it is critical to create a safe, comfortable and interconnected cycling infrastructure.

The bike infrastructure in cities such as Barcelona, New York City, London, Seville, Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, etc., has increased over the last few years. Those cities have experienced an increase in the number of citizens using their bikes for their daily commutes.

What do we offer at Zicla?

At Zicla we work to offer the safety urban cyclists are looking for and expect to find in the cycling infrastructure. During the last 10 years we have worked on the design and the development of bike lane separators that discourage drivers from invading cycle lanes. They are highly visible, they have no sharp edges and, last but not least, they are made using recycled materials.

Zipper® system and Zebra® family cycle lane separators are now being used to segregate more than 430 km of bike lanes around the world.


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