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Design for all. We completed workshops to create inclusive, accessible models.

13 Sep, 2022 | NEWS | 0 comments

For ZICLA, it is essential that the solutions we deliver for city streets meet the needs of everybody, whatever their age, gender, ability, or cultural background.

We completed workshops to ensure we address the wishes and expectations of users, in both the design process and the assessment of each product. Everyone must be able to enjoy their role in building our society with equal opportunities.

During training, the ZICLA team conducted in-depth studies into the criteria required for a product or space to be considered inclusive:

  • It must respect the diversity of all users, so no one feels excluded.
  • It must avoid risky situations for users. Every element of an environment must be designed in terms of safety.
  • It must not pose a health risk or cause problems to people with disabilities.
  • It must be designed so that the function for which it was created can be performed without any problems or difficulties.
  • All users must be able to easily navigate a particular space, so clear information and spatial distribution are essential.
  • The result should also look appealing, as this means it will be more readily accepted

ZICLA and our commitment to accessibility.

ZICLA delivers urban solutions helping urban planners build more comfortable, accessible, inclusive, safe and sustainable spaces.

  • The Vectorial® system makes it possible to quickly transform urban space and improve accessibility in the streets. Its retroreflective strips down the sides ensure visibility day and night.
  • The Zipper® system is a modular system for segregating traffic flows. It protects cyclists and prevents other vehicles on the road from invading the bikeway. Retroreflective strips mean that Zipper® modules are highly visible day and night.
  • The separators and planters making up the Zebra® family have been designed to improve safety for bikeway users. Retroreflective strips mean that the separators and planters in the Zebra® family are highly visible.


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