7 simple tips for commuting by bike.

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Commuting to work by bicycle offers many benefits: it’s eco-friendly, saves a considerable amount of money, and is a healthy way of exercising.
There has been a considerable increase in the number of people commuting to work by bike in recent years, but the practice is not without some challenges. For example, what is the best way to manage potential hold ups in traffic? How to deal with England’s climate and weather? What is the best way to start a regime of commuting to work by bike?

There are many hints and tips out there for those who wish to start, or have already started, commuting to work by bike, but what follows are what can be titled Simple Tips to Bike Commuting.

Getting started.

Unless cycling every day through obstacles and potentially bad weather is part of your daily routine, it may be best to start commuting to work by bike by easing yourself in. Rather than go for it every day, perhaps start by cycling to work on a good day, leaving the bike at work, using public transport the next day and riding the bike home. Everyone’s different, so taking time to work out a plan that will allow you to increase your bike commuting at your own pace may be a good idea. This should also decrease the chances of your getting tired out and abandoning the whole idea after a brief period.

Dealing with weather.

It’s a good idea to keep clean, dry clothes at work just in case you have to deal with unexpected weather on the way in.

Finf the best route.

Routes will always be subject to delays, and you will have the flexibility to change if you get held up, but try out several routes on good weather days when you’re not at work, then pick the one that best suits you. This may not be the quickest, but it might be the most comfortable. It will also help you work out timing, and you may even be able to stop for a drink on the way. The internet can help with this as there are sites that detail the best cycle routes.

Manage word/cycling gear.

Rather than carry in spare clothes each day, develop a routine. Store clean clothes at work for the week, leave dirty there, then bring them home once per week. This will of course depend on storage options.

Know your machine.

Your commuting bicycle doesn’t have to cost the earth, but it should be safe, well constructed and easy to maintain. Get to know it by spending time at weekends dismantling and reassembling and doing things you may have to do quickly on the road to or from work. Puncture-proof tyres and tubes are always a good way of reducing potential on-road maintenance.


Cycling through towns and cities is going to be a part of many people’s bike commute ride. It is obviously important to stay as safe as possible. That means wearing a helmet, using lights, hi-viz clothing and accessories and knowing how to ride safely. Even for those who have been cycling for a while, it may be prudent to enrol in a short course designed to give less experienced cyclists the training to deal with heavy traffic in town and city environments.

Be legal.

Tempting as it may be to take advantage of the manoeuvrability of a bicycle, observe the law and the Highway Code. They are designed to keep not just motorists, but you safe. You are less likely to annoy drivers as well, making you less vulnerable.


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