3 basic cycling rules reminder for newbies and experts.

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It is always important for road users to observe the traffic rules whether they are pedestrians, drivers or cyclists. The rules, combined with common sense and discipline, ensure safety and organised movements on the road for all the users. The focus here is on cyclists. To ensure the safety of both cyclists and other road users, the following piece of information contains the cycling rules reminder for newbies and experts.

Equip yourself with good material.

To begin with, any bicycle intended for use must be in a roadworthy state and be well equipped with bells, lights and reflectors to ensure smooth movements at all times. This rule ensures no or minimal distractions on the road. The bells are useful when it comes to alerting other road users of your presence. The reflectors and lights come in handy during the night to ensure that you are able to see and enable others to see you on the road.

Act in a civic and responsible way.

When cycling, one should ensure that other road users safety is not compromised and should also consider their safety too. Bicycles can only be parked at the bicycle parking areas and in a way that allows for three metres wide passage for pedestrians. Bicycles cannot be parked against trees, benches, traffic lights etc. It is also illegal to park bicycles at the public transport stops and at pedestrian crossings. Even though it is not a must, wearing protective gear such as a helmet is a recommendable safety rule to ensure no or less severe injuries in case of accidents. Do not drink and drive is a famous motto meant for drivers but it applies to cyclists too in a different format. You must never drink alcohol and cycle. It is necessary to observe this rule since cycling while drunk is a major offence which can land you on the wrong side of the law if you get caught. This rule is not meant for the purpose of getting people to court, but to ensure everyone is safe on the roads.

Observe the traffic rules, you are a vehicule.

Whether riding on the road or the sidewalk, cycling rules still apply. A cyclist on the road must observe the traffic rules as any other motor vehicle driver would. Riding on one wheel of the bicycle and holding other vehicles in motion is completely illegal. It is also important to note that when you are riding along the roadway, you should always be in the lane closest to the pavements, otherwise, you should ride along the lanes reserved for other types of vehicles if marked and permitted. When changing direction, the rule is that you should do so in a gradual and safe manner by indicating in advance and ensuring other road users are seeing you. Just in case you want to ride along with your music, then it is important to take caution since you might be fined if you cycle while listening to music. However, you can safely do this only on pedestrian pathways.

When riding in places reserved for pedestrians, the cyclist must; always grant the pedestrian the right way and avoid making maneuvers that may put pedestrians` safety to risk, maintain a one-metre distance from pedestrians, match their cycling speed to that of pedestrians, avoid riding at any distance of one meter close to the façades of buildings, and not exceed a speed of 10km/hr.

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