Barcelona incorporates 5 new bike lanes.

21 Apr, 2017 | NEWS | 0 comments

Barcelona has increased by more than 21% the kilometers of bike lanes in the city. Although it is expected to triple the existing 116 kilometers to make it one of the most sustainable transport cities. All these actions are comprised in the Urban Mobility Pact (PMU) 2013-2018 that the city has committed to carry out and that it expects to increase the use of the bicycle by 67% compared to 2011. As emphasized  by the Councilor of Mobility ( Mercedes Vidal) at a press conference: “We want to achieve conditions on the road so that the number of bikes can increase in the city, and do it safely, without interfering with other means of transport. ”

During the month of April five new bike lanes have been inaugurated, adding 3.6 kilometers to the existing ones and between the next months of May and June, five more are expected to be completed.

On four of these new bike lanes Zebra® separators are used and in the fifth  the Zipper® system to protect cyclists from cars and other type of vehicles. These separators are recycled and from recyclable plastic, which makes them an environmentally friendly choice.


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