Barcelona City Council renews the bike lane in Plaza Tetuán and installs Zebra® | Zero separators.

11 Jul, 2020 | City | 0 comments

The bike lane of Plaza de Tetuán was built in 2013 and serves the crossing of two key arteries of the Catalan capital, the Gran Vía de las Cortes Catalanas and the emblematic Paseo de San Juan. This bike lane has been recently renewed and in the renovation works, the city have opted to install the Zebra® | Zero separator.

This separator is manufactured with a material developed entirely from post-consumer waste of municipal origin. This waste comes from the rejection of packaging selection plants and is made up of all those mixed plastic waste whose separation by type would be very complex and expensive, and which generally ends up or landfilled or incinerated. This material has the Blue Angel, a German ecolabel that recognizes environmentally friendly products and services.



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