Adaptation of public bicycle systems to the orography of cities.

21 Dec, 2019 | City | 0 comments

Each day there are more and more cities that have public bicycle systems intended to facilitate and promote the sustainable mobility among the citizens. In order to make the citizens to choose the bicycle as the first option for daily commutes, these systems needs to be correctly adapted to the terrain of the city, especially when there are steep slopes that have a direct effect on the willingness of the people to ride the bike.

Barcelona has renewed the current public bike system.

ZICLA public bicycle system Adaptation of public bicycle systems to the orography of cities. 1Barcelona has recently renewed the current public bike system known as Bicing. The new system includes some changes in order to solve the weaknesses of the old one:

  • At the first stage of the Bicing 300 electric bicycles were introduced, in order to deal with the steep slopes of the city, in particular the ones that you would find in the streets that go from the sea to the mountain. At the second stage, the motorized fleet has been increased till it has reached the 1.000 bicycles, and it is expected to continue growing during the next 10 years.
  • The amount of places in each station will increase and from now on, in every station, you will be able to find motorized bicycles and conventional ones. This could be a solution for the existing problem: some stations (above all the ones located in the upper part of the city) get empty in rush hours, and others (the ones located close to the beach ) are occupied during almost the whole day.


So, taking into account this kind of details when designing the bike share system for a city, it is a very important issue to assure its success.


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