Bicycle Maintenance.

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how to keep up with the bicycle maintenance

If you own a bicycle it is vital that you know how to treat it and keep it good in order to use it. So, we know that to run a bike you do not only need the power of our legs, there’s also other important things such as lubrication and a lot of love. Maybe you do not know each possible cure for each thing that could happen to your bike in order to provide it a long and good life, but as time goes on you keep learning things that help you keep your bike in top-notch quality. This article is specially made for you so you can have a variety of tips to keep your bike in good conditions for general issues, while you can go take your bike to professional people and let them fix the tough matters.

Tips for bicycle maintenance, keeping your bike in top-notch conditions.

First things first: if the bike is threated, you’ve got to grease it! There’s no way you’ll properly adjust your bike if it is unclean and also not lubricated. If the bike is making noises you should really check it, because when it makes noise it basically means something’s not going exactly right. If you see that the saddle most of the time creaks, you should drip a variety of drips of oil over the rail and also in the clamp. You can’t use a solvent in order to lube your bike’s chain. As time passes, the sealant on your tubeless setup may end up drying out, becoming less effective when it comes to prevent leaks, so you should refresh the seleant each three months unless you own a mountain bike, then you should refresh it each month.

Check your bicycle tires at least twice a year. If you use your bike on a daily basis or if you only go for dominical tours, you should regularly check if the tire is used. If it’s the case the grip of your tire will be non existent and you are at a big risk if you need to brake suddently. It is also vital that you learn how to change flats too; it doesn’t really take strong hands to change a flat without a lever, you just have to use the proper technique in order to obtain it.

Before you make every ride you should check on your tire pressure, mostly if you are going to run tubeless. There are three vital tools you must have when riding: you need a chain breaker, a pump, and also a patch kit. Also, about tire levers, nylon are way better than the ones made of metal.

When you are going to cut mostly steerer tubes or maybe integrated seatposts, you need to measure them first at least twice.

Remember that when you dissemble anything, you need to keep the track of the way in which you took each one of the parts so you know how to put them back again.

Keeping up with bicycle maintenance, it’s important you use a torque wrench each month to check the state of the crank bolts. If your bike is new, you should look at them after all the rides you do on the first seven days.
You should also know that even with these tips and others you may know or read later, sometimes you won’t be able to repair anything, so when you don’t know how to repair some tough thing, you should bring your bike to a professional person so it can take care of it. Also, don’t lie to that person about how you broke something in the bike, because all that information is relevant to find ways to fix the problem.

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