Vision Zero initiatives at ZICLA.

27 Oct, 2019 | City | 0 comments

Vision Zero is an international road traffic safety project that aims to achieve no fatalities or serious injuries involving road traffic. It started in Sweden and was approved by the Swedish parliament in October 1997. Since then, hundreds of cities in many countries around the world have embraced it.

Education is a key aspect in achieving the necessary level of safety on our streets to reduce fatalities. At ZICLA, one of our main goals is to help ensure the safe coexistence of the different means of transport in city streets.

How to ride a bike in the city.

ZICLA vision zero Vision Zero initiatives at ZICLA. 1As part of our commitment to Vision Zero, we have worked with the Bicycle Club of Catalonia (BACC) advocacy group to issue the guide “How to ride a bike in the city“, aimed at bicycle users. This initiative has helped BACC in its efforts to raise awareness about the measures to take to move around safely by bike.

If you or your organization are interested in developing this kind of content or any other Vision Zero initiatives in partnership with us, please contact us at


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