The City of Houston adopts a new Bike Plan.

1 May, 2017 | City | 0 comments

ZICLA bike plan The City of Houston adopts a new Bike Plan. 1The Houston Bike Plan was adopted by City Council on March 22nd, 2017. The City is in the process of identifying next steps to prioritize and implement the recommendations of the Plan (Houston Bikeways Program).

By 2027, it is expected that the City of Houston will be a safer, more accessible, Gold Level Bike-Friendly City by:

  • Improve Safety– To provide a safer bicycle network for people of all ages and abilities through improved facilities, education, and enforcement
  • Increase Access– To create a highly accessible, citywide network of comfortable bike facilities that connects neighborhoods to transit, jobs, and activity centers, including schools, universities, parks, and libraries
  • Increase Ridership– To exceed average ridership levels in peer cities by implementing policies and programs that enable more people to ride bicycles and encourage healthy, active transportation choices
  • To develop and maintain ridership– To develop and maintain a high-quality bicycle network, including both bikeways and end-of-trip facilities.

The update to the plan.

The City of Houston Planning & Development Department in coordination with the Department of Public Works & Engineering and the Houston Parks and Recreation Department led the update to the plan. To develop the plan, the City worked with its funding partners:

Public input was gathered throughout the planning process. A Bicycle Advisory Committee made up of representatives from Houston’s bicycling community, implementing authorities, community leaders, and other representatives guided the development of the Plan.

Zebra® bike lane separators in Lamar Street in Houston.

Lamar Street bike lane in Houston is the first protected bike lane in the city using Zebra® lane separators.

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