The folding bicycles a key tool for the sustainable mobility.

9 Mar, 2018 | City | 0 comments

Each day there are more cities investing money and space to improve the bike lane networks in order to offer a more sustainable mobility to its citizens. Barcelona is one of these cities; in fact, almost every inhabitant is able to find a protected bike lane, segregated with separating elements such as Zebra separators, in less than 300 meter away from home. Despite having a bike lane network where citizens feel safe and choose it as the first option for daily commutes, people also need to trust in their own vehicles. The issue is that many cities like Barcelona face a common problem, which is at the same time difficult to solve, the robbery of the bicycles.

Nowadays, there are several options to deal with the robbery of bicycles, for example you could park your bike in a parking that has padlock service. You can also use the public bicycle services, and you would not need to worry about the bike, or you can use a folding bicycle that you would be able to bring with you to almost everywhere.

In this post we will deal with the last option:

This kind of bicycles are adaptable to the intermodality of the city, due to their characteristis it is permitted to carry them in the public transportation services such as metro, buses, trains, and as we have mentioned before, it is much more difficult to steal them.

This is one of the reasons why Barcelona is becoming in “the city of the folding bikes” and demonstrates why companies such as Brompton, leader in folding bicycles, are gaining presence in the city.

Brompton’s folding bikes.

Brompton is the biggest manufacturer of folding bikes in the United Kingdom; the factory is located in Greenford, in the West of London. The company told us that those bikes are very suitable for the people living or working in cities.

  • The bike can be folded until it becomes three times smaller.
  • The weight of the standard model is of 11 kg and the electric one 13,4 kg.

These characteristics make those bikes ideal to carry them in every kind of public transportation: perfect for trains, to keep it in the boot of your car and move to the city to get some fresh air; or to take the metro or get a taxi if the weather turn bad or you are late.


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