Zebra®cycle lane separator: the first installation in Canada.

14 Sep, 2017 | City | 0 comments

The city of Bromont has decided to acquire Zebra® separators to segregate the bike lane of John-Savage Street. They want to definitely encourage the physical activity and the active transportation system for citizens. As well, they want to promote leisure time services, sports, cultural activities, and community life amenities in the city.

Zebra separators in Bromont


This is the first installation of our Zebra® separators in Canada. It is a special one because not only means that Zicla is expanding to new countries over the world, but because encourage citizens to have a more active life with the use of bicycles. It is a big step forward because adds to the list of potential benefits of using a bicycle that many times we forget about.

Zebra® separators in Bromont.

In this installation it has been used the Zebra® 9 separator.  As stated by the official webpage of the city of Bromont: “the Zebra® cycle lanes separators act directly on the level of the cars’ wheels that is one of the reasons why they offer a higher security than other kind of bollards”.

Moreover, due to their original and robust design, and the reflective bands, they maximize the security of the cyclists on the bike lanes.

The 100% recycled material gives to the separator a high resistance to weather, high shock absorption, and high mechanical strength.

With this new installation of zebra separators in Bromont, the city will be able to trial the separators, document its use, and submit the collected data and comments to the organization or municipalities interested in this product.

Zebra® separators in the world.

At present, there are more than 450 km of cycle lanes protected with Zebra® separators in dozens of cities all over the world. Our Zebra separator has been installed in London, Barcelona, Houston, Santiago de Chile, Perth, Istanbul, etc.


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