Zebra® cycle lane separator by ZICLA in the Sustrans Design Manual.

7 May, 2014 | NEWS | 0 comments


Sustrans has published the Sustrans Design Manual, a handbook for cycle-friendly design. This manual helps to ensure that all of those involved in the development and design of transport infrastructure and public space do all that they can to enable travel to be both healthier and better for the environment. The cycle track separator Zebra® by ZICLA is included among the innovative cycle facilities.

Zebra® cycle lane separator by Zicla.

Zebra® cycle lane separator maximises safety for cyclists in the cycle lane thanks to its original, robust design and reflective strips. The 100% recycled material gives it great resistance to bad weather and its rounded shape, without sharp corners or edges, absorbs knocks.

100% recycled plastic. Made in the EU.

ZICLA Zebra® cycle lane separator by ZICLA in the Sustrans Design Manual. 2

  • Flexible arrangement.
  • Maximises the safe distance.
  • With retroreflective strips for cyclists.
  • With three fixing points on the pavement.
  • Absorbs impacts.
  • Resistant to knocks and bad weather.


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