Biking is the new black.

23 Feb, 2017 | NEWS | 0 comments

Generations change and so as do the interest and habits of the people. Nowadays we are living on a Millennial generations which has some characteristics that differ from the X generation (the previous one).

One of the things that this generation includes and it does not the previous one is the relevance of “bikeable” and “walkable” cities. It can be said that the urban cycling culture is increasing those days. Urban biking is trendy.

It has been estimated that the bike usage increased 24% for 19 to 34 years olds between 2001 and 2009. That is one of the reasons that they are driving less, and urban biking is increasing. In fact, they are devoted users of the bike sharing systems of the cities.


Advantages of being a urban cyclist.

Using the bicycle is much cheaper than owning a car, so being an urban cyclist allows them to use the money that they save in other thigs they could be more interested in. Such as, last technology smartphones, or high-speed Internet connection.

Another aspect that contributes to the increase of urban cycling culture is that the rate of the millennials that live in cities nowadays is higher than ever. This makes them to be interested in city plans that have good infrastructure for bicycle as well as a good urban transportation system.

Because of the fact, that they have almost completely remove the idea of using the car for short trips from their minds. A study has found that 56% of Millennials prefer to live in a “walkable” or a “bikeable” community, as stated before.

So, cities that are planning to remodel their roads will success if they address the expectations of this new generation.


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