Changing mobility is one of the milestones for the cities of the future.

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Cities and its structures are changing in order to adapt themselves to the current environmental and societal requirements. These changes can be seen in the urban structures and in the infrastructures in which the cities are investing more time and material resources. Mobility is one of the sectors where cities are focusing more in those days. Moreover, there are a lot of initiatives, incentives such as recognition and awards related to this issue. This is a way to encourage cities to work on it.

Smarter travel LIVE 2018.

This post will be related to one of the events where this kind of initiatives are recognized: the Smarter Travel Live 2018. In this event, the Smart Travel Awards,which recognize the Smart Projects, people and technologies that are defining future mobility, are delivered. They celebrate the impressive achievements, the smartest approaches and the high impact of smarter travel projects and , at the same time, the professionals who lead them.

According to the webpage of the event, Smarter Travel LIVE 2018 is all about integration.

  1. It’s where the rapidly evolving Intelligent Mobility sector connects with smart and active transport professionals.
  2. It’s where innovation technology, engineering, psychology and policy come together to create new mobility options.
  3. It’s where decision-makers and delivery teams meet to understand how new mobility options can work for people.


The Smarter Travel Awards 2018 Categories.

These awards are classified on the following categories:

  • Smarter Travel Professional of the Year.
  • Best Shared Transport Project Award.
  • Best Smarter Travel Innovation Award.
  • Best Behavior Change Campaign Award.
  • Best Mobility as a Service Project Award.
  • Best Accessible Transport Project Award.
  • Best Demand Responsive Transport Award.
  • Best Connected Transport Award.
  • Best Smart City Project Award.

As it can be seen, every category has a different character, but all of them are related to different aspects that affect the new mobility systems of the cities and its success.

Zicla and mobility.

In Zicla we are aware of the fact that 70% of the world’s population will live in urban centers over the next few years. This factor is a challenge to the management mobility and accessibility in cities. Our commitment is to make this challenge our own, contributing to improving our environment.


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