EU Green Week 2018.

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The EU Green Week 2018 began the 21st of May in Utrecht  (The Netherlands) and ended the 25th of May in Madrid (Spain). Meanwhile in Brussels, it took place the high level EU Green Cities Summit.

During this week, there were discussions about the ways in which the European Union is working to make the cities better places to live and work, by setting policy developments regarding air quality, noise, nature and biodiversity, waste and water management, etc. This is a way to promote participatory approaches to urban development, networking schemes, and a powerful tool to share best practices, engage local authorities and citizens, and finally encourage them to share their vision of a sustainable future.

Official Opening of the EU Green Week 2018: Utrecht – a green and healthy city to live, work and stay in.

“The city of Utrecht is growing rapidly, as are many other cities in Europe. How can our cities be kept healthy and how can we make sure they are enjoyable places to stay, live and work in for everyone? As the time, how can we address challenges such as climate change, air pollution and the depletion of natural resources? In Utrecht, we think is key to stimulate local sustainable, urban initiatives, starting with our streets and neighborhoods. Supported by knowledge and innovative solutions to achieve global goals, such as the Paris Climate Agreement”.

The Official Opening of the EU Green Week  2018 in Utrecht was organized by the city council of Utrecht and PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency.

People attending were able to experience working together towards a green and sustainable city for a common benefit. Different activities such as:

  • Green bicycle tour across Utrecht to discover the city’s nature areas.
  • Debates on the sustainable future of the city.
  • Workshops, documentaries and presentations on healthy urban lifestyle.

were held.

EU Green Cities Summit: Brussels.

The EU Green Cities Summit were held in Brussels between Tuesday (22/5) and Thursday (24/5). The sessions that take place during those days will deal issues such as:

  • Cities needs in transition to a Circular Economy.
  • Cities as actors of open innovation: accelerating sustainable urban transformation.
  • Sustainable tourism for greener cities.
  • Food strategies for green cities. how to empower cities for sustainable food system transformation.
  • Green cities generate less waste.
  • Air quality in cities; solutions and synergies with Climate Action.


Official Closing event, Madrid, Spain: Doing It Together Green.

ZICLA EU Green Week 2018 EU Green Week 2018. 1The Official Closing event was held in the frame of the Medialab Prado, a laboratory for public citizens founded by the Culture Department of Madrid City Council. It is a meeting point for the production of open cultural projects, and a place where citizens, scientists, civil society, governmental institutions and organizations work and cooperate in participatory projects.

Medialab Prado wants to have a role in the transformation of cultural institutions, throughout stakeholders that promote institutional models in which citizens have the opportunity to play an active role. “We believe it is necessary to face the challenges of our time from multiple perspective, armed with a wide range of know-how, and that we need to build spaces for coexistence, discussion and action between people with different backgrounds”. 


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