Bycicle and mobility.

6 Feb, 2017 | City | 0 comments

The accessibility is the objective that mobility is pursuing through the means of transportation.

Many times mobility and accessibility are used as synonyms, and this is because there is a generalized equation that equals bigger mobility with bigger accessibility. This assumption has created policies that have influence mobility without improving the accessibility.

So, providing new means of transportation to the citizens will not necessarily improve their accessibility. Accessibility is not only means of transportation, but it also includes the distribution of services or the urban development for example.

It can be said that the quality of the means of transportation is more important than the quantity. Nowadays a vast majority of the developed cities in the world include a very wide system of transportation, from private cars, to public transportation as well as non-motorized transportation. This diversity makes respect among the different road users essential in order to guarantee accessibility to all of them.

As we may know, regarding security on the road, some means of transportation as riding a bicycle and by food transportation are more vulnerable than others, such as cars of buses. As in the majority of the cases those means of transportation share the road taking care of your own vehicle and ensuring that is in good conditions to use it is essential to use the ride with the maximum security possible.

With the increase on the use of the bicycle make us to realize about the importance of making people aware of the importance of taking care of their bicycle, not only for their own security but also for the rest of the road users and specially the pedestrians, which are the most vulnerable. That is why now we will provide you with some tips about how to change the cable of the brake of your bike, in order to maintain it in the best conditions.

  1. Disconnect the cable by loosening the brake’s pinch bolt.
  2. Notice that the place where the cable is flattened will be where it was pinched.
  3. Cut the cable before this part, this way in will be easier to remove it by sliding through the outer cable housing.
  4. Replace the outer cable housing at the same time.
  5. When you have only the brake lever and the cable left, line up the slots in the lever’s barrel adjuster and then pull the cable trough and remove the head from the lever.
  6. Install the new cable into the lever the same way the old came out.
  7. Turn the barrel adjuster clockwise almost all the way, so the barrel slots lock the new cable in place.
  8. Drop some light oil into your cable housing and make sure the outer housing’s cable ferrules are firmly in place before carefully sliding the new cable through the housing.
  9. Route your cable in the same way it was before a thread the inner cable under the pinch bolt’s washer.
  10. Pull the cable tight and tighten the pinch bolt.
  11. Adjust the brake as needed.
  12. Cut the wire about 2 inches further along the cable.
  13. Finally, give the cable a slight bend and tuck it out of the way behind the brake arm.

As stated before, having your vehicle in the best conditions is a great contribution to the respect among the means of transportation, and this will guarantee accessibility, which at the same time will be a very positive contribution for the citizen mobility.


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