5 amaizing ways in which cycling is beneficial for our wellbeing.

1 Aug, 2018 | City | 0 comments

Summer holidays are about to arrive and with them people use to choose the bicycle to move around the city of the place they live in during this period.

But this does not mean that the bicycle is only practical for summer, on the contrary, it is a very good option for daily commutes, as it is said the “bicycle is the most efficient method of transportation“. In this post we will introduce five of the main benefits of riding your bike.

It may help you to live longer: the study done by the British Journal of Sport Medicine made on a sample formed by 80,000 British adults, showed that cycling participation reduces significantly the cause of mortality-including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.

Following the same track, another study made by the British Medical Journal states that people that use the bike for daily commutes have 52% lower risk of dying from heart disease and 40% lower risk of dying from cancer than the ones that do not ride a bike.

5 main benefits of riding your bike.

You can also lose weight. Cycling is a perfect activity to shed calories, build muscles in the lower body and improve cardiovascular fitness at a sustainable pace.

Moreover, its low impact makes cycling less harmful for the knees than running or other movements that are more aggressive for the body. You can get all the benefits of a challenging workout without straining your joints.

You’ll sleep better. It has been demonstrated that cycling affects positively these people that have sleep issues, with just 20-30 minutes of cycling on alternate days their sleep quality will improve significantly. So, indirectly cycling helps to avoid heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, etc. because these are diseases directly related to sleep deficiency.

It can boost your mood. Bryan McCullough, a clinical manager and physiotherapist from Pure Sport Medicine states that “cycling is basically an alternative way to achieve what is known as ‘runner’s high’. The euphoria you feel after a rigorous cycle is all down to the exercise-induced release of endorphins within your body, which are not only potent pain relievers, but also help to boost your mood”.

It is also a good activity to shake off stress because you burn off the excess of adrenaline built up during the whole day, and at the same time the production of the stress hormone cortisol goes slowing down.

Better heart health. In the same way than other aerobic exercise, cycling increases the presence of good cholesterol in the body, that acts as a cleaner of the arteries, in order to push fat out from them. In fact, The British Medical Association found that “cycling just 20 miles a week can slash your risk of coronary heart diseases in half, when compared with staying sedentary”.


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