Recycled Innovative Products for Cities.

What we do.

We develop and manufacture competitive, quality products for cities, all of them recycled, recyclable, reusable and competitive, with post-consumption and post-industrial waste.

We focus on developing solutions for traffic, mobility, accessibility and the enjoyment of cities, all entirely committed to the circular economy based on making use of waste generated by cities themselves and their associated activities: industries, services, etc.

We design and develop recycling projects so that recoverable waste – waste which, although it has interesting potential for recovery, goes to landfill because of the lack of recycling – can be transformed into new materials.

We work to make cities into safer and more accessible, enjoyable and welcoming places for people, while helping make them more sustainable, green cities with greater commitment to the circular economy. This offers a model based on reusing, repairing, remanufacturing and recycling existing materials and products rather than using virgin raw materials.

The use of recycled materials brings great environmental benefits, such as saving natural resources and less environmental impact.

How we do it.

Design is our tool.

People are our driving force.

We create new recycled products developing materials based on waste .
Our goal is to create innovative recycled products for street furniture and traffic to turn cities into safer, more accessible and more welcoming places for people.

At Zicla, we eco-design our products, taking into account:
  • Dematerialisation
  • Use of single materials
  • Modularity
  • Durability
  • Repairability by parts
  • Recyclability at the end of their useful life
  • Zebra ®

    The Zebra system ensures safety for cyclists and other road users.

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  • Vectorial®

    The modular Vectorial platform improves access and safety at bus stops, with no need for works.

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  • Zipper ®

    Modular system for segregating traffic flows formed by two high-visibility pieces with reflective strips.

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