Solutions for cities with Zicla recycled products.

We dream of an efficient, sustainable, friendly world.

We are guided by our wish to protect the environment and promote sustainable development to transform cities into more sustainable and environmentally friendly green cities.


Since 2005, we have been working to turn the waste generated by cities and their activities into new materials for industry and new products for the cities themselves. We design and develop recycling projects so that recoverable waste – waste which, although it has interesting potential for recovery, goes to landfill because of the lack of recycling – can be transformed into new materials.
We design, develop and manufacture recycled products for cities. Our urban planters for cycle lanes and our Zebra and Zipper cycle lane separators, are recycled, recyclable, reusable, competitive, quality products, manufactured with post-consumption and post-industrial plastic waste. All of them help promote safe urban cycling. Our platforms, designed to improve urban accessibility in general and accessibility to bus stops in particular, are also manufactured with post-consumption and post-industrial plastic waste.
The way we work fits perfectly into the circular economy, as we focus on the resource cycle and follow a model based on reusing, repairing, remanufacturing and recycling existing materials and products rather than using raw or virgin materials.
We have a team of professional experts in the circular economy with broad experience in waste recovery, green design and sustainable development.

We are a recycled product company committed to people, cities and the environment.

We are one company working in two areas:

  • Projects to create sustainable opportunities.

    We advise businesses and organisations on recovering their waste.


  • Recycled products for friendly cities.

    We design, develop and manufacture recycled products for a better life in urban areas.


We develop projects based on waste and we create products that contribute to efficient, sustainable, friendly business growth.

For us, waste is an opportunity for change.

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  • Waste generated
  • Projects
  • Recycled materials
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Desire to provide service.

We take care of all the details, from the initial phase to the end of the product life cycle to offer our customers a full service. We are committed to excellence.

  • Development or purchase of recycled materialsDevelopment or purchase of recycled materials.
  • ManufacturingManufacturing.
  • InstallationInstallation.
  • DistributionDistribution – Sale.
  • Use - RepairUse – Repair.
  • Reuse - RecyclingReuse – Recycling.
  • TransportTransport.

We involve all agents associated with the value chain of our products.

Our commitments.

  • 1 To promote waste recycling with local resources.
  • 2 To ecodesign our products to minimise their environmental impact throughout their life cycle.
  • 3 To promote knowledge of recycled products.
  • 4 To be committed to the continuous improvement of our products and to achieving the highest quality.

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