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Zebra®family to segregate traffic flows.

The purpose of the project was to eco-design, develop and manufacture for ZICLA a planter that was highly resistant to bad weather, stackable and with a water tank, offering high visibility in the daytime and at night.




The planter also had to be manufactured with a recycled material that was, itself, recyclable. Curro Claret was commissioned to design the planter and Zicla carried out the engineering development, as well as searching for the appropriate material and the best possible manufacturing technology.



Zebra® planter: Ecodesign.

Jardinera ZebraThe result is a slim, high-visibility planter of variable height suitable for being used as an element to separate cyclists and pedestrians in pavement cycle lanes. It is manufactured by rotational moulding and the material used is recycled LLDPE from post-industrial and post-consumer waste such as waste containers, liquid tanks, furniture, etc.

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