WEEENNING: Strategies for responsible management of EEEW in Getxo.

The objective of the WEEENNING project has been the implementation in the municipality of Getxo of responsible management strategies for Electrical and Electronic Equipment Waste (WEEE).

RAEE reciclaje de aparatos eléctricos y electrónicos

For this purpose, containers for the collection of small size electrical and electronic equipment waste (less than 50 cm) were designed and installed in different points of the municipality (school and municipal sports center), both to recycle those devices that no longer work and to reuse those that still do. Training and information campaigns were also carried out within the framework of the project.




Berringurumena 2015 program.

EEEWThe project was carried out within the framework of the call for the 2015 Berringurumena Program, with the leadership of Getxo City Council and the collaboration of Ihobe, Indumetal Recycling and ZICLA.