Vermicomposter made with recycled material.

The wermicompost is a way to obtain a high quality organic fertilizer, using the organic residues generated at home or in the garden. This compost is called Vermicompost. The decomposition of the organic residues is carried out by earthworms that need suitable conditions and a container. It is not necessary a large space, in fact, the vermicomposter is thought to work in an apartment, a balcony, a terrace, a courtyard, etc. since the space required is small.

The Terra Foundation.

The Terra Foundation aims to channel and promote initiatives that favor greater responsibility of society in environmental issues. The Terra Foundation works with the spirit that “small changes are powerful”.

The vermicomposter.

The vermicomposter project was delegated to ZICLA® and was commissioned by the Terra Foundation to carry out:

  • Design and development of a simple container of approximately 65 x 40 x 40 cm with small ventilation openings and with the possibility of placing a grid to separate the interior space in halves.
  • Identification of recyclable and recycled material suitable for manufacturing.
  • Selection of the most appropriate and available technology.

The material and the technology.

vermicomposterThe type of material to be used, and the manufacturing process and technology were conditioned by two aspects: form and cost; the latter should be as small as possible.

After analyzing various options such as:

  • Recycled plastic boards.
  • Tire curing bladders.
  • Polyurethane boards.

It was finally chosen to choose recycled plastic boards for its availability, price, and variety of colors. These boards are made in hot plates press machines that allow different dimensions to be obtained.

The prototype.

The project reached the stage of development of a prototype made of recycled plastic.