Taxation and secondary plastic waste.

secondary plasticAt present, various waste streams containing different plastic materials (PP, PE, PS, PVC, PS, ABS, PET, ..), called secondary plastics waste streams, generated in different industrial value chains (packaging, automotive, Agrarian, …) continue to go to landfills.

An adequate tax treatment is one of the possible tools proposed by different administrations to encourage the proper valorization of these type of waste streams, thus, avoiding their deposit into landfills.


Tax deductions to encourage the recovery of secondary plastic waste.

secondary plasticThe objective of the project was to design a scheme of simplified and standardized deductions-  for the purchase of secondary plastics or products based on those plastics in order to create (after a certain period)  and in coordination with other instruments of Policy Mix, a systematic assessment of high value of the secondary plastics.



Project’s Findings.

The results of the project are as follows:

  • A valuation and design protocol to integrate secondary plastic materials (or products based on those plastics) into existing fiscal instruments to enhance a circular economy.
  • The basic report with all the technical and fiscal specifications.
  • A detailed diagnosis of which currents, types, sources, stage of the value chain, … should be deductible, taking into account the existing and planned Policy Mix, and estimating the necessary duration of the instrument.
  • A forecast analysis of income reduction in the Treasury by this mechanism as well as expected environmental improvements (kg, mili-points footprint, greenhouse gases) at a global and individual level.
  • A detailed definition of the actual monitoring scheme experienced for a year.