Rigid panels from textile waste.

textile wasteMore than 300,000 tons of used clothes end up in the garbage or containers in the streets of many Spanish municipalities every year. According to calculations of the Ministry of Environment, this figure is only part of the textile waste generated in Spain and accounts for almost 4% of the total domestic waste.

On top of that, to this are added waste from textile companies, mostly spotless and from good quality.


The project.

The project conducted was about developing a set of rigid panels with textile waste for a well-known multinational textile company. The residues came from the remains of various collections and manufacturing scratches. The panels were subsequently used in the construction of fitting rooms in one of their stores.

The technology to convert the textile waste.

170822 prensa platos calientes fabricacion placasThe technology used consisted in waste shredding, followed by a mix with resin, and then pressed in a hot plates machine to finally obtain panels of 2 x 1 x 0.2 m.