REURBANO: Reuse of urban furniture elements in cities.

The elements of urban furniture that the cities change or renew can be transformed into new products for the same city or other cities. The warehouses of the town councils usually accumulate old or damaged urban furniture elements that could have a second life.

REURBANO project is based on:

  • Identify urban furniture elements out-of-use in a town hall.
  • Analyze the potential of conditioning and reuse that they have in the municipality or in other places.
  • Evaluate the possibility of recovering these elements with the same or different function.
  • Design the new element respecting the principles of Eco-design.
  • Analyze the economic viability of the operation.
  • Assess the possibility of involving local social institutions or occupational centers in the municipality.
  • Identify the most appropriate distribution channels for the final product.

Project Results.

The expected results of the project are:

  • Environmental: second life for urban furniture elements of a municipality.
  • Social: insertion of local entities into the project.
  • Communication: an example of how municipalities can bet on extending the useful life of their urban furniture elements.


REURBANO: urban furnitureREURBANO project notorious with a remark in the category of strategies in the VI edition of the Prize Design for the Recycling of the Generalitat de Catalunya. The remark recognizes efforts to promote strategies for waste prevention, recycling and recyclability, in the conviction that their implementation entails many advantages: compliance  of environmental regulations, the improvement of the environmental quality of the product, the reduction of the cost of the product throughout its life cycle and differentiation of the brand to make it competitive.

 The Seat&Light seat: as an example of REURBANO.

Seat & Light is a seat with light that has been developed from the streetlights that became obsolete or have been replaces by new ones. This job, which has been developed with the collaboration of a non profit organization, allows to give a second life to the streetlights as a new product and with a big communication value.