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Recycled Footsteps: Development of footwear designs and prototypes made from waste.

The project plans to make use of waste from the car, textile and footwear industries in the eco-design, development and manufacturing of a line of footwear taking into account the use of local waste and applying the principle of upcycling (improving the current use of the waste under consideration within the hierarchy of wastes). The project combines waste treatment and footwear manufacturing technologies.



The work team.

The footwear manufacturing company Kameleonik is leading this project, with the participation of the La Rioja Footwear Technology Centre (CTCR) and ZICLA. Recycled Footsteps also has the support of Ihobe, the Basque Government’s public company responsible for environmental management as part of the 2015 competitive funding programme for projects to demonstrate the circular economy.

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