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Promotion and consumption of recycled aggregates in Catalonia.

The manufacture of recycled aggregates is an industrial process making it possible to turn the stone fraction of construction and demolition waste into a finished product – recycled aggregates – suitable for use on site or in another industrial process. Modern processing facilities can work well either in the open air or in closed industrial units. The latter include all technological advances for controlling waste and emissions into the atmosphere, particularly dust and noise. Each facility makes products depending on the waste it accepts, the machinery it uses and the needs of the area. As well as the fixed facilities, there are mobile ones that move around the region, providing service where needed.
The recycled aggregate manufacturing process includes a series of operations. The most important of these are cleaning, crushing, screening and grinding. The recycled aggregates made are analysed and systematically classified by approved laboratories to ensure their quality.

The customer.

recycled aggregatesGestora de Runes manages the controlled disposal of construction and demolition waste and promotes its recovery and selection at source through an extensive network of transfer plants, recycling plants and controlled landfill all over Catalonia.


The project.

The project was carried out by Gestora de Runes de la Construction and the aim was to publicise the range of recycled aggregates on the local market for all agents in the value chain involved in recommending products for works, as well as potential consumers of recycled aggregates in industry.

The following value chain agents were contacted as part of the project:

  • Public recommenders.
  • Provincial councils.
  • Municipal councils:
    • Municipal councils from Segrià.
    • Municipal councils from Vallés Oriental.
    • Municipal councils within 25 km of Gestora de Runes’ plants.

Contact was also made with:

  • County councils.
  • Engineering, architecture and construction consultancy studios.
  • Construction companies based in Catalonia.
  • Construction trade organisations.
  • Professional associations.
  • Associations.
  • Companies manufacturing mass and prefabricated concrete.

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