Detection of new streams of recyclable waste in the Basque Country.

The project actively sought to detect streams of non-hazardous waste in the Basque Country suitable for being used as industrial materials.

Objective of the project.

The aim was to create a flexible system for generating waste recycling projects and also to create value chains involving waste generators; the owners of technologies suitable for transforming the waste into secondary materials; industries that could potentially consume these secondary materials, and possible end customers for the products made with them.

As part of the project, new waste streams were sought combining technological, environmental, social and commercial interests to promote the creation of cohesive value chains. They were to be found by actively searching, not passively attracting ideas.

Search for recoverable waste streams and identification of value chains.

Most significant among the different waste flows identified as potentially recoverable were basically two:

  • optical fibre.
  • styrene waste from WEEE.


cadenas de valorThe project was financed by IHOBE.