Recovery of polyurethane powder waste.

poliuretano en polvoThe polyurethane is a high performance material with which the powder residue is also. In addition, it is a material with a high price in the market with a large industry behind. All this has led to the development of a considerable number of projects for mechanical, chemical and energy recovery of this valuable waste.

The project was oriented to the manufacture at pilot scale of rigid boards and the development of the associated technology. Also, the project focused on the economic and logistical aspects; in any case, it was about guaranteeing the supply of the waste to the panel manufacturing plant and minimizing transport costs.

The industrial process to transform polyurethane powder into boards.

The polyurethane powder was mixed with a binder resin in a mill and poured into a press that, using heat and pressure, allowed to develop a line of rigid boards of different thicknesses and densities. These boards were characterized by:

  • have a smooth surface and very little porous.
  • present a very low water absorption.
  • offer a workability similar to wood.

The market.

The boards were designed and developed thinking in the construction sector, especially for the manufacture of:

  • carpentry for areas near the sea given the good weather resistance of the material.
    boards for outdoors.
  • planks for ephemeral constructions.
  • laundry furniture.
  • internal part of doors.
  • parquet.
  • zockets.