RecoverAl: Recovery of aluminium and aluminium alloy parts in end-of-life vehicles (ELVs).

Aluminium and aluminium alloy parts are increasingly being incorporated into vehicles. The current methods used to break end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) do not allow the separation of these parts, which end up being shredded, together with the steel, plastic and other materials.

The RecoverAl project, started at the beginning of 2019, seeks to develop a package of good practices allowing vehicle breakers to recover aluminium and aluminium alloy parts from ELVs before they reach the shredder, optimizing their recovery.

Aims of RecoverAl.

  • To separate aluminium and aluminium alloy parts in ELVs
  • To optimize the recovery of aluminium in foundries
  • To promote industrial symbiosis between the agents in the value chain (manufacturers, ATCs (Authorized Treatment Centres) and foundries).
  • To replicate the project at ATCs and foundries.


RecoverAl activities.

The RecoverAl project is being carried out in three different phases:

  1. Phase one:includes carrying out a prior analysis of the aluminium parts contained in ELVs selected during breaking; testing and checking to identify the actual presence of aluminium parts; and removing them for subsequent shredding and classification.
  2. Phase two:includes the shredding of the parts received, the classification of the materials and sending them to a specialized foundry.
  3. Phase three:obtaining aluminium ingots.


Participating companies.

The RecoverAl project is led by Autogruas Sant Jordi, the leading authorized vehicle treatment centre in Catalonia when it comes to innovation in the sector;  Econia, an environmental consultant specializing in providing advice and managing eco-innovation and circular economy projects; and ZICLA, a company specializing in innovation in waste recovery and strategies in the sector.


191104 Recoveral recuperacion aluminio VFU 2.jpg 1The RecoverAl is funded by the Waste Agency of Catalonia via the “Ajuts per a l’execució de projectes de foment de l’economia circular” (Aid for carrying out projects to promote the circular economy) programme.