Porto renovates its avenues and opts for cycle lanes.

PROJECT NAME: Improvement of Avenida de Montevideo and Avenida de Brasil
TOWN/CITY: Porto – Portugal
LOCATION: Avenida de Montevideo and Avenida de Brasil 


Porto City Council undertook the improvement of Avenida de Montevideo and Avenida de Brasil.

Need and project objectives.

Both Avenida de Montevideo and Avenida de Brasil in the city of Porto needed renovation. The scheme, including resurfacing, the inclusion of a bike lane and the replacement of the sidewalk on the west side, was carried out by GO Porto – Gestão e Obras do Porto EM.

The proposed solution.

Zipper® system modules were the proposed solution to segregate the bike lane. The main characteristics of the Zipper® system are:

  • It can be adapted to any kind of road, particularly avenues.
  • It is highly visible thanks to the fact that almost 50% of the surface of its modules is reflective.
  • Its modules are made with recycled plastic and they are recyclable because their environmental impact is minimal. It is an ecodesigned product.
  • It is competitive because it allows a project to be implemented quickly with minimal intervention on the public thoroughfare.
  • Its modules are highly resistant to impact and bad weather and they have four anchorage points in the road surface.
  • It can be customized, as the modules can be painted different colors.


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