• recyclage des dechets plastiques

Economic and fiscal incentives to promote plastic waste recycling in a Spanish region.

Many plastics, mainly the ones used in packaging, are not recovered due to the low cost of landfilling them or the lack of responsibility of some companies. Now, this scenario is being improved because new legislation has come into force, which prohibits landfilling plastics that could be recycled.

In addition, the development and implementation of economic and fiscal incentives to encourage companies to collect their plastic waste in a segregated way make the recovery process easier. This collection strategy comes as part of the EU’s circular economy action plan, and its purpose is to promote the segregated plastic waste recycling, which is not currently done, especially by companies that generate small quantity of this kind of waste.

The objective of the project.

The objective of the project has been to explore the possibilities that the environmental fiscal system of a Spanish region offers for implementing a tax incentive at the appropriate point in the plastics recycling value chain. The incentive must encourage new, non-dangerous plastic waste streams which currently are landfilled or incinerated to integrate them into recycling processes in the region where they are generated.

Activities carried out.

The project has analyzed the feasibility of encouraging actions such as:

  • Acquisition of presses to compact the plastic packaging.
  • Implementation of a segregated waste collection system by using classification containers.

The project has also defined the profile of a company that would be able to benefit from these incentives, if available. It was considered essential not to encourage companies that already have separation processes, regardless of whether they are waste generating companies or waste collection companies. This was particularly the case for waste collection companies already carrying out processes of selective separation of collected plastics, as the objective was not to fiscally encourage the company’s main economic activity.

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