Valorization of glass fibre waste in the industry.

It is estimated that 150,000 tons of different types of fiberglass waste are deposited each year in EU landfills.

Objective of the project.

The objective of the project was the development of a demonstration-scale industrial process for the recycling of fiberglass waste in the form of rigid boards for different construction applications for a multinational in the sector.

The industrial process.

171002 residuos fibra vidrio tableros aislantesThe residue crushed and mixed with a thermosetting resin was transformed into boards by means of a hot plate press that also used steam injection.

The result was a series of rigid boards of different thicknesses and densities.





Possible applications of the boards.

The possible applications of the developed boards studied in the project were the following:

  • As an element of the facade enclosure system.
  • As an element of the floor-floor system.
  • As an element of internal enclosures or divisions of premises.