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RCD Asfalt: Use of mainly concrete recycled aggregates to replace fine aggregates in manufacturing bituminous mixtures..

árido reciclado mixtoThe aim of this project has been to study whether the manufacture of an AC 22 bin S mixture using mainly concrete mixed recycled aggregate is technically and economically viable. To do this, a pilot evaluation project has carried out, replacing the fine aggregate and filler mixture with controlled recycled aggregates from construction waste with the same grain size.

The project has been structured into an initial mixture design phase; a subsequent stage including the implementation and monitoring of tests; the evaluation of the results obtained, and, finally, an economic and environmental viability study.

árido reciclado mixtoThe project has been developed by a consortium consisting of the companies Viasfalt, Eptisa, Pentaedro, Gestora de Runes de la Construcción, the Technical University of Catalonia and ZICLA.

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