Catalan Ecolabel: development and review of categories for products.

Environmental Quality Warranty LabelZICLA has collaborated since 2005 with the General Directorate of Environmental Quality of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Government) in the development and review of the different categories of the Catalan Ecolabel.

ZICLA has developed the categories corresponding to a series of raw materials and recycled products:

  • First materials and products of recycled rubber.
  • First materials and arid recycled products.
  • First materials and glass recycled products.
  • Concrete products with recycled material.
  • Insulating and thermic products with recycled material.
  • Retread  tires.

Catalan Ecolabel.

The Catalan Ecolabel is an eco-labeling system that recognizes products and services that exceed certain environmental quality requirements beyond those established as mandatory by current regulations.

It is a type I ecolabel, known as eco-label, which is a voluntary environmental rating system that identifies and certifies that certain products or services have a lower environmental footprint. The applicable standard for this type of label is ISO 14024. | T. +34 932 242 731. C/ Ramon Turró 100-104, 4º-3ª. 08005, Barcelona