Car Konpon: How the circular economy and eco-innovation improve the competitiveness of car repair shops.

The Car Konpon project, started at the end of 2018, seeks to boost the competitiveness of multi-brand vehicle car repair shops in the Basque Country.

Goal of Car Konpon.

Car Konpon aims to design a roadmap that includes:

  • proposals for the implementation of techniques and technologies,
  • business models,
  • circular economy and eco-innovation strategies.


with the purpose of helping the workshops to face the new trends of their sector.

Car Konpon activities.

Car Konpon will develop and apply technical and technological actions that affect aspects such as:

  • repair (and not just the replacement of parts),
  • remanufacturing,
  • technification,
  • digitization,
  • sharing,
  • knowledge transfer.


The development of the actions will be carried out in a practical way in the San Viator Center of Sopuerta and other representative centres of different regions of the Basque territory that are part of the TKguney and that have professional training units specialised in automotive.

Finally, the actions carried out will be tested and implemented in the facilities of 10 leading CAPV car repair shops in the sector. Thanks to this implementation, a roadmap can be developed to guide the VAC car repair shops to differentiate themselves, improve their competitiveness and prepare for the challenges of the near future.

Participant companies.

The project is led by the San Viator Center of Sopuerta, which works in a network with the rest of the Vocational Training centers of Euskadi with the coordination of Tknika, the environmental consultant specialized in the advice and management of eco-innovation and circular economy projects Econia and the consulting firm specialized in innovation in waste recovery and sector strategies ZICLA.


200127 Logo UE FEDER14 20 VFU ihobe.png 300x246 300x246 1The Car Konpon project has ERDF funds through the call “Eco-innovation projects 2018”. This call has been organised by the Ihobe public company of the Basque Government in order to promote the realisation of projects that contribute to the objectives of the “Ecosystem” Opportunity Niche of the PCTI 2020.