Privacy Policy is an internet domain registered by ZICLACITIES, S.L. (hereinafter ZICLA), with Spanish ID number B63715148, registered in the Barcelona Trade Registry, Volume 42801, Folio 170, Sheet B-302410, with registered office at Ramón Turró 100-104, 4º 3ª, 08005 Barcelona.


The use of the services contained in ZICLA website implies the user’s express acceptance of each and every one of the following:


Terms and Conditions of the use of the website:


1. Legal Capacity:


The user declares that he or she is a legal adult (over 18 years old) and has the necessary legal capacity to buy the Products and Services of ZICLAS website, also stating that he or she accepts being bound by this agreement and understands and accepts the whole of the conditions listed herein to use the website and/or buy the Products and Services offered.



2. Access:


When the user buys ZICLA Products and Services, he or she will be granted a user name and password chosen by ZICLA. ZICLAS will not be held responsible if the user improperly uses the password on the website. It is the user’s responsibility to safe keep the keys and passwords provided to it for access as a registered client, avoiding improper use or access by third parties.



3. The user:


Whoever bought or is buying the different Products and Services that ZICLAS offers must register as a client. As such, the user declares that all the information provided at registration is true, complete, and accurate.


3.1. The user guarantees to always provide truthful, accurate, current, and authentic Personal Data, (hereinafter “Data”), and shall keep them up to date.


3.2. The user expressly authorises their Data to be shared with third parties when it is needed to appropriately provide the Products and Services offered by ZICLA and required by the users.


3.3. The user gives its express consent to receive electronic information with advertising and new features from ZICLA, also about the different Products and Services sold or promoted by ZICLA.



4. Data:


In accordance with the LOPD 15/1999 from 13 December on the Personal Data Protection Act and the Subsequent Regulation, Royal Decree 1720/2008 and the New European Regulation of 25 May 2017 (hereinafter “LOPD”), the Data that the user sends through, will be automatically processed by ZICLA and will be added to a file in order for ZICLA to offer the user and manage the Products and Services.


4.1. The said file is registered or discharged to the Spanish Data Protection Agency, indicating that its Controller is the trade company ZICLACITIES, S.L., with registered address at C/ Ramón Turró 100-104, 4º 3ª, 08005 Barcelona, Spain, email:


4.2. The holders of the Data have, at all times, the right to access the file. They may exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation, opposition, and erasure in the terms under data protection law.


4.3. Likewise, the user’s consent to process and transfer his or her personal data may be withdrawn at any time without retroactive effect, in accordance with Articles 6 and 11 of Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December on the Protection of Personal Data.


4.4. For the purposes contained in this clause, simply contacting ZICLA by email at ZICLA will be enough or writing to its registered address at C/ Ramón Turró 100-104, 4º 3ª, 08005 Barcelona, Spain.


4.5. ZICLA guarantees that it has adopted the necessary security measures in its facilities, systems, servers and files to avoid unauthorised persons from accessing the Data.


4.6. Without prejudice to the above, the said Data may be disclosed to the authorities only where legally required.



5. Use of ZICLA website


5.1. Use of the website and/or the Products and Services of ZICLA, implies the user’s full and unconditional acceptance of each and every one of the Terms and Conditions contained in the most recent version of the Terms and Conditions. As such, the user must be aware of the importance of reading them every time he or she visits


5.2. ZICLA may unilaterally, at any time and without prior notice, modify these Terms and Conditions as well as the Products and Services provided or any other aspect, whether substantial or not, of this page, or the operating, technical, and use conditions of


5.3. With the aim to improve service and set the highest level of quality – ZICLA ultimate objective – users may suggest modifications that they deem useful, contacting the page managers via email at


5.4. The user promises to use the page and those Products and Services made available to it through the same page, in accordance with the law, good conduct and public order, as well as with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions. Therefore, the user shall not use the website or the Products and Services offered, with purposes or effects that are illegal or contrary to that established in these Terms and Conditions, or harm the rights and/or interest of third parties or that, in any way, could harm the page or impede its normal use, or of the Products and Services accessible through the website, or for the rest of the users or for ZICLA and/or that affect or could affect ZICLA image.


5.5. Users of must respect any instructions that or ZICLA or its duly authorised staff provides via email.


5.6. The user accepts each and every one of the obligations or prohibitions imposed by the law at all times relating to the exclusion or limitation of the professional’s liability in performing the service.



6. ZICLA services


These services are not intended for minors and ZICLA does not request nor collect information about minors.



7. Reasons for exclusion:


ZICLA reserves the right to exclude, temporarily or definitely, the user under any of the following circumstances:


7.1. For failing to comply with any of the Terms and Services set herein.


7.2. For failing to comply with the law, good practice and public order.


7.3. For failing to comply with any other obligation that the user has toward ZICLA. The user’s exclusion does not imply ZICLA withdrawal from bringing corresponding legal actions or claims they are legally entitled to.



8. Intellectual Property and Copyright:


8.1. All the information contained in, its graphic design and the code in HTML, JAVA, JAVA Script or Active X, is protected by copyrights or other intellectual property rights.


8.2. These rights belong exclusively to ZICLA or its licensors. Internet users that access this website can view the information contained in the website and download or privately reproduce it in their computer system, as long as the elements reproduced are not later transferred to third parties or installed on a server connected to the internet or a local network. Without subject to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, the distribution, modification, transfer, publication, reproduction or any other kind of act of part or all of the information published on, without the prior authorization of ZICLA is prohibited.


8.3. The user must use the content and information collected in diligently, correctly, and legally, and specifically, only for personal and non-commercial use, provided that the content or any mention of sources, copyright, and other data that identifies ZICLA or third-parties’ copyrights are not modified or removed, meaning respecting its original format. Any reproduction or copy, distribution or publication, of any kind, of the information published on without the prior written approval of ZICLA is prohibited. You can request authorisation for reproduction by email at ZICLA.


8.4. Should any user or third party believe that any of the content existing on was added to it in violation of copyright or other intellectual property rights, please inform ZICLA of this, sending the notification to the email address ZICLA, and including, at least, the following points: a) Name, address, phone number and email address of the claimant. b) Data of the holder of the copyrights or other intellectual property rights that were allegedly violated. c) Indication of the violated content and location on the d) Declaration that the content was added without the express authorization of the holder of the copyrights or other intellectual property rights.


8.5. Without prejudice to the information in the above paragraphs, ZICLA reserves the right to defend itself against claims based on standards on advertising and copyrights or other intellectual property rights.



9. Hyperlinks:


9.1. Should take the user to advertising or third-party websites through links, ZICLA is under no responsibility to check and does not check beforehand, nor approves nor claims as its own any services, content, data, archives, products and any kind of material or information existing in the third-party websites. As such, ZICLA will not be responsible under any circumstances for the lawfulness of the content of the said page(s). Everything concerning the legality, good practices, public order and content, amongst other things, is the exclusive responsibility of the third party as well as those that do not violate third-party rights. The existence of a link does not imply any relationship whatsoever between ZICLA and the owner of the linked website.


9.2. These users or third-party people who want link to must guarantee that the link only permits the access to the pages or services of, and do not reproduce content, deep-links, browsers, inexact or incorrect claims, amongst other things, on the content or website of Except for signs that are part of the link, the user guarantees that the website to the website does not contain brands, commercial names, labels, company names, logos, slogans, or any other kind of distinguishing sign belonging to ZICLA.



10. Exclusion of guarantees and liability:


10.1. ZICLA does not guarantee the reliability, availability, or continuity of the functioning of its website, nor the Products and Services offered to the user. As such, it waives any responsibility for the damage and/or injury of any kind that might occur due to the lack of availability, reliability, or continuity of its website or its services. However, it will try, to the best of its ability, to provide technical support to the person affected.


10.2. ZICLA is under no obligation to check and does not check beforehand whether there are any viruses or elements in the content that can alter the software or hardware of the users or people visiting the websites. As such, it will not be responsible for damage or injury of any kind that might arise from the content.



11. Safeguarding the Terms and Conditions:


If one of the stipulations of these Terms and Conditions is declared null or void, the rest of the Terms and Conditions will remain effective.



12. Spelling errors:


ZICLA makes all the necessary efforts within its means to keep the information contained in the website truthful and free of spelling mistakes. Should an error of this kind appear at any time beyond the control of ZICLA, it will be immediately corrected. Should there be a spelling mistake in any of the prices shown and any of the Clients decide to purchase the Products or Services based on this error, ZICLA will inform the Client of the error, and they will have the right to terminate the services free of charge.



13. Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions:


Registration as a client of ZICLA implies the user’s understanding and express acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. Buying a specific Product or Service offered by the service providers shown in ZICLA implies the user’s explicit acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.



14. Applicable law and Competition court


These Terms and Conditions are governed by Spanish Law. Any other disagreement that may arise, with respect to these terms and conditions’ validity, execution, compliance, or total or partial termination, will be subject to the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona. Both parties expressly waive their rights to their own courts (or any other that might correspond to them).


To not receive information about the products and services from us or other entities, check the corresponding box in the form.


Where requests require the user to complete a form and click the send button, this automatically implies that the user has been informed and expressly grants his or her consent to the content of the clause attached to the form.



Data provided by third parties.


If the request includes Data from third parties that do not hold the same data as the user, he or she shall, prior to entering the data, inform these people of the points contained in the above paragraphs.



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