Technical options from the initial phases of urban projects.

What we offer.

Our solutions will allow you to transform your city streets.

For over a decade, we have shared our knowledge and proven experience with more than 250 cities that have adopted our systems and products to solve their mobility and accessibility problems. Our solutions are especially suitable for quick-build projects.

You can request the customization of our ZICLA products, such as to improve the end-user’s understanding of their use or their daytime or night-time visibility, provided, however, that it shall be your responsibility to ensure that any customizations meet any and all local regulations.

What is the Scope of Our Services and Advice?

Our technical sales team is ready to support you through all the phases of your project to optimize the incorporation of our Vectorial® and Zipper® systems and Zebra Family®. To do this:

  • We will study your project and suggest the best way to incorporate our systems and product families in order to provide the best response to your needs.
  • We will visit the installation points to advise on the best possible configuration in each case.
  • We will prepare an economic analysis of the different options available for each project for you to better understand and evaluate the costs involved for each option.
  • We will prepare documentation to give you better understanding of the proposed solution, which can be attached to the design, such as AutoCAD or GIS files or 3D visualizations.
  • We will offer our technical assistance, in person or virtually, so your installers can install our systems and product families safely and efficiently.
  • We will support you with the post-installation phase, to ensure that everything matches the design, as needed.

Note that our recommendations and suggestions constitute merely consultative advice, not project designs. It is your responsibility, whereby with the assistance of road-safety staff or consultants, to adopt the final solutions, configurations and/or customizations of your project and to ensure that, in all cases, these solutions, configurations and or customizations abide with any and all planning, traffic, safety and any other applicable regulations in force at the time and location concerned.

We support you throughout all the phases of your project.


Innovation in the management of the urban space, particularly road surfaces and sidewalks, as well as traffic and public transport, has once again become a priority issue on the political agendas of the municipal governments of cities all over the world. This innovation raises a technical and technological challenge for cities, but there is also a cultural challenge.


The Vectorial® system makes it possible to transform urban space quickly by building modular platforms that improve accessibility.


The Zipper® system makes it possible to segregate traffic flows safely.


The Zebra Family® of separators makes it possible to segregate traffic flows and protect cyclists in cycle lanes.