Consultancy services for innovation in waste management for cities, services and industries

What we offer.

A consultancy service to identify innovative and circular solutions applied to your waste aimed at reusing, remanufacturing and/or recovering it.

To do this, our technical team will:

  • Make a technical and economic diagnosis of the potential for reusing, remanufacturing and recovering your waste.
  • Design the processes for transforming your waste into new materials and/or new products.
  • Identify industrial and business opportunities for these materials entirely linked to the market.
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Every day, cities, services and industry generate thousands of tonnes of waste that ends up in landfill due to the lack of proper management. In this way, valuable resources are wasted while at the same time virgin materials, many of them not renewable, are being extracted from our planet. That’s why at ZICLA we are committed to the circular economy. We focus on the resources cycle, following a model based on reusing, repairing, remanufacturing and recycling existing materials and products rather than using virgin raw materials.

As a company committed to the circular economy, at ZICLA we work so that recoverable resources generated by cities and their associated activities, services and industry can be transformed into new materials. This is waste that has interesting potential for recovery but now goes to landfill. Whether it is produced by industry, municipal authorities, services or other sources, what it all has in common is that it consists of wasted resources.

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