More and safer bike lanes mean more cyclists.

    26 Aug, 2019 I Category: CITY

    Nowadays there is a widespread consensus on the importance of a transition towards more sustainable[…]

    What is the effect of bike lanes on the local economy?

    16 Aug, 2019 I Category: CITY

    Riding a bike is highly beneficial for our health, the environment, the economy, and other[…]

    • zipper sistema

    The Zipper system by Zicla has been recognized as a Good Practice by the Design for All Foundation.

    18 Sep, 2018 I Category: CITY

    The Zipper system. The Design for All Foundation has recognized our Zipper system as a[…]

    • improvements of bike lanes
    • improvements of bike lanes

    The City Council of Barcelona extends and improves the bike lane network in the city.

    28 Aug, 2017 I Category: TOPICAL

    In order to promote sustainable transport, 11 actions related to  bike lanes have taken place[…]

    • co bike lanes create traffic?

    Do bike lanes create traffic?

    21 Jul, 2017 I Category: OPINION

    With the increase of bike lanes in the cities there are groups of sceptic people[…]

    • • L’intérêt des pistes cyclables.

    Bike lanes help cyclists breathe better air.

    18 Jul, 2017 I Category: CITY

    Nowadays, pollution is one of the great challenges cities must combat, even more knowing that[…]

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