Redesigning streets for people.

    24 Nov, 2019 I Category: CITY

    At ZICLA we believe that a commitment to sustainable mobility, which includes walking, cycling and[…]

    More and safer bike lanes mean more cyclists.

    26 Aug, 2019 I Category: CITY

    Nowadays there is a widespread consensus on the importance of a transition towards more sustainable[…]

    New York City’s Congestion Pricing tax.

    23 Aug, 2019 I Category: TOPICAL

    Cities are getting involved in many initiatives to promote sustainable mobility in city centers, or[…]

    • cities

    The application of the latest technologies in vehicles is not enough to achieve sustainable mobility.

    18 Jan, 2019 I Category: OPINION

    Although more and more cities offer shared bicycle systems to their citizens, their use does[…]

    • place that cars take up

    The recovery of the place that currently take up the cars, key for the future of the cities.

    1 Aug, 2018 I Category: TOPICAL

    The place that car occupies in the cities has an effect on our living space.[…]

    • bicycle and the sustainable mobility

    The bicycle, a key tool for the present and future of the mobility in the cities.

    1 Aug, 2018 I Category: TOPICAL

    The bicycle and the sustainable mobility. Due to the population increase, the urban traffic and[…]

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