Benefits of recycling plastic. Find out all about it!

    25 Oct, 2017 I Category: CIRCULAR ECONOMY

    Since the last century, humans become aware of the importance of preserving the environment. Recycle at[…]

    How can I ride a bike in New York safely?

    20 Oct, 2017 I Category: CITY

    Cycling in one of the biggest cities in the world sometimes is more difficult that[…]

    These are the 10 cities with the best public transport. Get to know them!

    5 Oct, 2017 I Category: TOPICAL

    With some 80% of all wealth concentrated in cities and with an urban population constituting[…]

    4 citizen initiatives for urban sustainability.

    11 Aug, 2017 I Category: CIRCULAR ECONOMY

    With over half of the world’s population living in urban areas according to the UN,[…]

    The art of recycling.

    7 Aug, 2017 I Category: CIRCULAR ECONOMY

    Recycling is awesome since you can reclaim a product or a material that is a[…]

    The importance of recycling: what can you recycle with ease, and what elements can not be recycled?

    3 Aug, 2017 I Category: CIRCULAR ECONOMY

    Recycling as much as possible every day is crucial if we want to care for[…]

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